The big give 2012
Nov 09, 2012

The big give 2012

By EJF Staff

We are delighted to announce EJF has been accepted for The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2012!

The appeal is part of an exciting annual match funding event from 6th-8th December 2012 in aid of EJF’s No Place Like Home campaign which is working to raise awareness and improve the well-being and welfare of climate refugees. 

We know giving a little can change a lot and this December we would be delighted if you will join our Christmas Challenge by committing to making an on-line donation on the 6th-8th December 2012. 
Climate change doesn’t just affect the environment – it has a major impact on people too. Here in developed countries such as the UK most of us barely feel the impacts, but in the world’s poorest and most vulnerable countries the impacts of climate change are pushing people deeper into poverty. 

Human rights are rarely taken into account when debating about climate change but in many countries, its impacts are already undermining people’s rights to life, health, food, water, housing and self-determination.

At EJF we work to demonstrate a human rights approach to climate change and we are aiming to give a powerful voice and raise £20,000 to help take EJF’s campaign to the next level in securing legal recognition and protection for climate refugees. In order to achieve this we aim to raise £10,000 through online donations in December and these will then be matched by a further £10,000. At this stage we are only asking you to register your interest in this campaign and that you intend on making a donation. Donations can be then made on the 6th, 7th and 8th of December. As we know this is a long time away please register your interest at and we will send you an email a couple of days before to remind you.

The time to act is now; experts estimate that more than 38 million people were displaced by sudden onset, climate-related natural hazards in 2010 and climate refugees now outnumber refugees fleeing persecution and violence by more than three to one.

To make a donation online please visit:

For more information about the Big Give please visit: