Save the Sea celebrity photo shoot
Jun 06, 2014

Save the Sea celebrity photo shoot

By EJF Staff

To launch EJF’s 'Save The Sea' t-shirt campaign, which is to coincide with World Oceans Day this June, we pulled together a VIP photo shoot on 28 May and got some amazing images of celebrity supporters wearing our new designer collaboration organic tees.

Our three Save The Sea collaboration designs: Emma Cook, Patternity and Serge DeNimes.

It was so exciting to see the three designs finalised and the collection come together, ready to be shot on the VIP models for the day. Each design portrays a different side of our Oceans campaign that resonates with the designers" Emma Cook’s amazing use of photo realism depicts the natural beauty of marine life, Patternity’s t-shirt translates the depletion of sea grass on the ocean's sea beds into pattern and Serge DeNimes’ bold use of a simple and effective slogan conveys the plight of our world’s oceans perfectly.

We were really excited to have support from ongoing EJF supporters like Zara Martin and newlyweds Max Rogers and Kimberly Wyatt. Seasoned pros, they were naturals in front of the camera, with Max and Kimberly even taking to have some really playful pictures together, piggybacks and all. Also involved was celebrity hair and fashion stylist James Brown, who is best known for his work behind the scenes on shoots but who had obviously picked up some tips from the likes of Kate Moss and Lily Allen over the years.

It was also great to have some new faces on board supporting the Save The Sea t-shirt campaign - up-and-coming actress Caroline Ford, who is soon to be a regular on your screens on FOX’s new show Hieroglyph; Izzy Lawrence, who writes for various publications and DJs all over town; and ‘Divergent’ actor Ben Lloyd-Hughes, who was first in front of the camera, pulling some of his best Zoolander impressions for photographer Steph. All three where amazing, and really got into the fun spirit of the shoot and the importance of the campaign. We can’t wait to work with them all again in the future!

Last but not least, George Craig and Diana Vickers joined us for the last shots of the day, with their ultra cute chihuahua Biggie Smalls. Whilst Biggie ran around being fawned over by everyone, Diana and George were putting their experience in front of the camera to great use, producing some really amazing photos. Both were so enthusiastic about EJF’s work and were excited to hear about the different projects we are working on - so much so that George has also agreed to get involved by supporting our Save The Sea restaurant campaign with his new pop-up restaurant ‘Pearl’ in Hoxton…we can’t wait to head down to try their delicious fish and chips.

All in all, it was a busy but fun day and we have some amazing photographs of all three oceans-inspired t-shirts, as well as some of our new sweatshirts. Everyone involved was incredible - thank you to all the team including photographer Stephanie Sian Smith, stylist Aradia Layton-Crockett, make up artist Liberty Shaw and assistant James Makings.

A special thanks must go to the designers - Emma Cook, Patternity and Serge DeNimes. The designs, whilst all unique, are equally inspired by the core message to protect the world’s oceans and we can’t wait to see them fly off the shelves at our pop-up store at 13 Newburgh Street, from 10 June for two weeks. The continued support from these designers promotes the importance and ease of using a sustainable and ethical supply chain within the fashion industry.

EJF's Save The Sea designer t-shirts launch on World Oceans Day (8 June) at and in store at our pop up shop in central London, 13 Newburgh Street, just off Carnaby Street.