Lily Cole’s piece about climate justice
Dec 04, 2014

Lily Cole’s piece about climate justice

By EJF Staff

One of our patrons, Lily Cole, has written a piece in the Guardian’s Comment is Free section on why climate change’s first victims are the least to blame for climate change.

In the piece, Lily describes her recent trip to the Amazon to visit two Yawanawá indigenous communities, the intense flooding these communities have suffered, and the respect and care that they have for their land.

As she says, some of the world’s most fragile communities such as the Yawanawá are closely connected to the natural world, live sustainably and have had the least impact on our changing climate, yet they are the first to suffer as a result of its changes.

Climate change is now the primary cause of global relocation, yet there is no international recognition for the status of climate refugees. EJF’s Climate Campaign is calling for new international agreements to protect climate refugees and the millions of people who have contributed least to a changing climate, but who will feel its effects first and worst.

Learn more about our Climate Campaign here.

Read the Guardian Comment is Free piece by Lily Cole here.