Let your troubles melt away with Donald Trump ice cubes
Feb 28, 2018

Let your troubles melt away with Donald Trump ice cubes

By EJF Staff

‘Donald Trump ice-head trays’ are the latest creative attempt to challenge the US president’s denial of climate change. With all proceeds going toward EJF’s climate campaign, consumers can enjoy watching Trump’s icy head melt and support efforts to tackle climate change at the same time.

Trump has continued to publicly bash the Paris Agreement, leaving the US the only country in the world outside the global climate change deal. The agreement was signed by almost 200 countries in 2015, in an effort to minimise greenhouse gas emissions and limit global warming to 2°C. Given that the US is among the top contributors to climate change, refusal to commit to tackling it has deadly consequences for the rest of world.

The year 2017 was the hottest on record without the natural climate cycle, El Niño. The risk, frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events are continuing to rise, leaving millions around the world vulnerable to the effects. Millions have already been forced to flee their homes due to the effects of climate change and the Paris Agreement is one of the best defences we have against further extreme changes to the climate.

In a bid to challenge Trump’s stance on climate change, Ben Polkinghorne and Scott Kelly invented Trump Trays.

"His decision to pull the US out of the Paris Agreement p**sed us off. We wanted to do something," said Polkinghorne.

Trump Trays are 100% recyclable, silicone ice-cube trays that make perfect replicas of Trump’s head. This means that consumers can watch Trump’s head melt, whilst he continues to deny global warming. By purchasing one of these trays, people will also be directly contributing to combatting climate change, as all profits go toward EJF’s climate campaign.

So, when it comes to global warming, Trump burying his head in the sand doesn’t help, but ironically, burying his head in the freezer will.

Launching with a website and a limited edition, handmade mould, the plan is to mass-produce the eye-catching Trump ice-head Trays. To do so there’s an ambitious crowdfunding campaign, which seeks to sell 5,000 trays and raise over £20,000 for EJF. Purchase your Trump Tray here: