How to cook up a sustainable seafood spread this Christmas
Dec 18, 2018

How to cook up a sustainable seafood spread this Christmas

By EJF Staff

Midwinter is a time for feasting on good food. This year, make sure that the food is good not only for the table but also for the environment. Shopping for sustainable fish can be tricky, but a user friendly seafood guide can provide clear traffic-light guidance on sustainable choice.

Fish dishes have a long tradition at Christmas and the turn of the year. Our oceans have little reason to celebrate though. Severe overfishing has meant that 33% of fish stocks are overfished and 60% are fished to their maximum sustainable levels, with nothing left to spare. Nevertheless, we can all enjoy fish without remorse. Anyone can ease the pressure on our oceans without forgoing fish completely. Conscious decisions to shop sustainably make all the difference, especially for the 800 million people worldwide who depend on fish for income and food.

The online guide offers clear advice for buying fish and can be quickly at hand on your mobile. A simple traffic-light system provides ratings for almost 160 species to help with responsible choice.

On the guide you will find specific recommendations for your region, but the general rule of thumb is that ‘less is more’. Consider fish a delicacy and not a just an everyday meal.

Over Christmas, with its message of goodwill to all, we must also be aware that our fish consumption not only has ecological effects, but social consequences. Millions of people around the world, especially in developing countries, are dependent on fish as an indispensable source of protein, not to mention as a crucial part of their livelihoods. Europe imports huge amounts from these countries in order to meet high demand here.

As you use your simple guide to navigate sustainable choices, you can be safe in the knowledge that your actions are helping both people and planet.

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