EJF’s boat involved in rescue at sea
Sep 16, 2010

EJF’s boat involved in rescue at sea

By EJF Staff

On 15th September 2010, local EJF staff on Sherbro Island in Sierra Leone took an emergency call from the chief one of our partner fishing communities. A boat transporting goods and people from the local area had capsized and sank, and were in urgent need of rescue.

Despite their daily lives being dependent on the sea, many people in the area cannot swim, and drowning is an enormous threat.

EJF arrived on the scene in time to work with the Sierra Leone Navy to rescue the passengers aboard the vessel. While the boat itself and all the goods aboard were lost, thankfully all hands were able to be transported to shore safely.

EJF’s boat has been in operation in Sierra Leone since February this year, and supports our work with local communities to address illegal fishing in the area. However, based on a request from these same communities who had identified the lack of a rescue boat for outlying communities to access medical treatment, EJF has also introduced the emergency response programme this year.