EJF met with the Spanish Government this week to discuss actions to combat pirate fishing
Jan 18, 2013

EJF met with the Spanish Government this week to discuss actions to combat pirate fishing

By EJF Staff

EJF Director Juliette Williams and the EJF Oceans team attended a meeting with Carlos Dominguez, The Secretary General of Fisheries, and other Spanish Government officials in Madrid this week.

The parties discussed control measures for combating Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing – or pirate fishing – which undermines efforts to sustainably manage and regulate fisheries. The meeting also addressed the need for improved implementation of the current EU IUU Regulation and in particular actions to be taken by Spain as a major fishing nation and seafood importer.

Illegal fishing destroys marine environments and compromises the livelihoods and food security of people in areas such as West Africa, where EJF works with coastal communities. There is an urgent need for governments, international organisations and the seafood industry to address the issue. EJF is calling for all stakeholders to act responsibly and pro-actively to bring an end to pirate fishing.

The meeting this week, which allowed EJF to offer practical recommendations for best practice in fisheries management, was an important opportunity to establish a schedule of joint actions to be undertaken by EJF and the Spanish Government in 2013.

“EJF welcomes the opportunity to work in collaboration with the Spanish Government, to assist in the full implementation of control measures in Spain to decrease illegal fishing activities. Working together will allow further positive steps to be taken towards transparency in global marine fisheries as a me ans to end illegal fishing and promote sustainability.”Juliette Williams, EJF Director