Climate Alert: Two billion climate refugees by 2100
Aug 03, 2017

Climate Alert: Two billion climate refugees by 2100

By EJF Staff

In the space of just one month, two prominent reports by Cornell University and the Asian Development Bank have left us an urgent warning: failing to tackle climate change will leave billions of people displaced. According to stark research from Cornell University, two billion people - that's around a fifth of the global population - could become refugees by 2100 as rising sea-levels wreak havoc on the world’s coastlines.

“We’re going to have more people on less land, and sooner than we think,” said the report's lead author Charles Geisler

In a second report, the Asian Development Bank warned the Asia-Pacific region would be the most vulnerable as the world experiences massive climate-induced migration.

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Failing to take strong action on climate change will leave the world’s poorest and most vulnerable in peril. In 2016, 23.5 million people were displaced by extreme weather events, while climate change continues to act as a threat multiplier for existing economic and political tensions; increase the risk of conflict; and intensify the impact and spread of disease.protect-red-wide.jpg#asset:2227

Demand protection for climate refugees today.
For many, tomorrow will be too late.