Climate Alert: How rising temperatures change everything
Jun 28, 2017

Climate Alert: How rising temperatures change everything

By EJF Staff

As a heatwave spread across Europe last week, its consequences were felt immediately. Experiencing its hottest June day in 41 years - reaching the 34.5C mark - the UK triggered an emergency air quality alert amidst health concerns over the higher concentrations of air pollution that came with the soaring temperatures. This was quickly followed by flood warnings, as some parts of the country saw a month on rain fall in just 12 hours. In Portugal, fatal forest fires claimed the lives of more than 60 people and wiped out at least 26,000 hectares of land.

Increases in average global temperature (1850-2017)As Europe continues to reel from the high temperatures, a new study has found such extremes could become the new normal, while the World Meteorological Organization warned of the growing risk of more intense, more frequent and longer heatwaves due to climate change.

Heatwaves are fatal, and the best chance we have of limiting their effects - and protecting the lives of millions across the globe - is by reducing carbon emissions.

In the wake of the US exit from the Paris Agreement, it is vital that all other nations to stand by their commitment and show the unity needed to halt dangerous climate change.

If we act now, we can make an impact forever. Make your voice heard for climate action.

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