An evening with... Dame Vivienne Westwood
Jul 20, 2012

An evening with... Dame Vivienne Westwood

By EJF Staff

EJF was excited to spend an evening with British designer Dame Vivienne Westwood when she hosted an event on the roof of the flagship Selfridges store on London's Oxford Street, in aid of EJF’s No Place Like Home campaign.

The event highlighted the plight of climate refugees, for whom Westwood has created her War/Peace T-shirt. She also introduced her inspiration for the T-shirt: her Family Tree illustration based on James Lovelock’s Gaia theory.

The evening brought together a host of celebrities, including some of EJF’s supporters such as our patron Benedict Allen and Philip Colbert, to celebrate the T-shirt and listen to Vivienne Westwood’s thoughts and passion behind her Family Tree design.

The War/Peace T-shirt was created to ask the question "How did I create 38 million climate refugees?"and aims to inform people about the harsh reality of climate change. Vivienne Westwood spoke vividly of how we must stop climate change now in order to help some of the world’s most vulnerable people who are being affected by it.

EJF campaigner Tori Timms said that “Climate refugees outnumber refugees fleeing conflict and persecution 3 to 1.” EJF’s No Place Like Home campaign for climate refugees raises awareness of the plight of people who have been forced from their homes and land due to natural disasters such as flooding and storms. EJF is calling for urgent international action to provide climate refugees with the legal recognition, assistance and protection they so desperately need.

We were delighted to see so many supporters there, who had been photographed in the War/Peace T-shirt to help raise awareness of climate refugees. Our warmest Thank You for coming along to support us goes to Matthew Horne, Laura Whitmore, Sarah Jane Crawford, Zara Martin, Ian Bruce, and Rosamond Hanson.

The T-shirt has had a huge success and has been selling quickly at Vivienne Westwood stores, Selfridges and at EJF Online Shop. We’ve been extremely fortunate to receive the attention of Dame Vivienne Westwood and through her help we’ve been able to raise over £10,000 so far!

Get active:

"For me, trying to find out who you could help by way of charities, that’s what I decided to do. I was so knocked out by the number of NGOs and charities and individuals, there are so many people doing things. It makes your life important, you have to engage with the world." Dame Vivienne Westwood