A village takes action in Brazil
Oct 15, 2010

A village takes action in Brazil

By EJF Staff

Chega is a Community Fair trade soya supplier in Brazil. The group has been farming organically for many years now, and the farmers have chosen to be organic farmers despite the increased work load this represents, as they believe it better for their health and the environment.

However, while the ban on Endosulfan in Brazil waits to be implemented, there are conventional farmers encroaching on their area (which also borders the Iguassu national park), and some of their recent crops have been rejected on entry to Europe as they have found traces of Endosulfan in their soya beans.

Chega is a “Village taking action” to ensure more effective enforcement of the phase out of endosulfan as part of their campaign for the toxic pesticide to be banned in Brazil. Thousands of people have signed their petition.